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Your Most Common Questions

Your Most Common Questions
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    Why should I hire Social Security Advocates for the Disabled?
    Because we win, and we’ve been winning since 1994. Statistics show people that are represented by an experienced and skilled advocate have a much better chance of winning their Social Security Disability case. Once you are a client, we’ll assemble all of the tedious documentation and deal with Social Security directly, allowing you to focus on your health and your family. As we’re navigating the Social Security Administration process on your behalf, we’ll update you constantly as to the status of your case and send you any documentation you request right away, without the need to visit your local Social Security Office.

    If you already have an application or appeal pending, we can still help you, and we can start today. We will notify the Social Security Administration that you’ve appointed us, and we’ll immediately gather your medical and the other evidence necessary so they can make a favorable decision quickly. Once your application is approved, we’ll ensure your benefits are disbursed correctly and on-time. Your future is our Priority. To learn more, call us at the number above, or, complete the form found on the contact page and we will call you.

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    How can you help me if I don’t live near your office?
    Social Security follows Federal regulations, so your proximity to us shouldn’t be an issue. In fact, the majority of our clients don’t live close to one of our offices. We are in constant communication with you through telephone and email, and we also give you access to your entire case file, including up-to-the-minute status through our secure web check system.

    As you read through some of the feedback from our clients, you’ll see most of them are from cities where we don’t have an office. So whether you live across the street, or across the country, our advanced technology keeps us in constant communication.

  3. 3
    I’ve Already Applied for Social Security Disability and have an application pending, do I still need your help?
    Yes, you do! The initial application is only the first step in what can be a lengthy and complex process. We will shorten and simplify the process, thoroughly explain every step, and make certain you are aware of some critical details that impact your case and your future.

    For example, in order to extend your COBRA coverage from your previous employer, the Social Security Administration must certify your disability date within 60 days from the date you last worked. Also, if you already have Heath Coverage through a spouse previous employer, you must enroll in Medicare once you qualify for that coverage.

    There’s too much at stake to go through this process alone and uninformed. Your future is our priority. We can start advocating on your behalf today. Call us at the number above right away. Or, complete the form on the contact page and we will call you.

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    Why should I apply for Social Security Disability?
    There are financial and other benefits to applying for Social Security Disability. For example, a cost of living adjustment is made every December that increases your benefit, and, if you don’t have health insurance coverage as a Social Security Beneficiary you’ll be eligible for Medicare after 2 years, which covers hospitalizations, doctor visits, and may cover your prescriptions. If you purchased COBRA coverage from your employer, you can get it extended while you wait for Medicare to begin.

    And, you should know that qualifying for Social Security Disability may increase your retirement benefits. Each year you don’t work nor make FICA contributions dilutes your retirement. When you qualify for Social Security Disability, the government freezes your earnings record preserving the FICA contributions you have already made.

    We understand this is a lot to absorb. We hope you will call us using the number above, or, complete the form on the contact page.

  5. 5
    How much will your services cost?
    We only get paid if we secure your benefits, and we are paid directly by the Social Security Administration. Once your case is approved, your first payment typically includes all the past due amounts. Social Security sets our fee at 25% of your past due benefits, or $6,000, whichever is less.

    We won’t charge you for travel costs, copies, phone calls, or other expenses that others may charge. If you receive Long Term Disability, your Insurance Carrier will absorb our fee, so your cost is nothing. Call us at the number above and we can walk you through it.

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