Social Security Disability Advocacy

We make obtaining your benefits as easy as possible.

In the true sense of the word, we are your advocate. We expertly navigate the process and do all the hard work for you.  No waiting in line at the Social Security office, no confusion of how to complete paperwork and most of all you have your own professional representative experienced in the process to assist you every step along the way.

While we cannot change the unfortunate circumstances of your disability, we can take over the burden of making the benefits process work for you. No matter where you are in the disability claim process, our advocates help you maximize your chances for winning your case and receiving benefits.

“You certainly made a difficult and somewhat confusing situation at times very easy. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all your time and effort with regard to my case.”

– Cheryl K, Knoxville, Tennessee

Why hire us? 

We have secured awards for thousands of claimants in every state and at American embassies around the world.  Getting approved for government benefits is more difficult, complex and overwhelming than ever.

The majority of our clients receive their benefits without going to a hearing.  We are successful with the difficult cases other firms won’t consider.  We are successful because we are experienced and have the most in-depth understanding of the complex, ever-changing Social Security benefits laws.

With us as your advocate you:

  • Are supported beginning to end
  • Access us online or on the phone
  • Have all documentation organized correctly for the administration
  • Will be advised of progress throughout the duration of your case

Reduce the chance of a hearing with a solid case.

More people are applying for Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income than ever before.  The increase of applicants, combined with the Social Security Administration reducing staff and hours of operation has caused a severe backlog driving time from application to approval as high as three years.  Unfortunately, this forces many disabled people into severe financial distress, bankruptcy or worse.

With us as your advocate, you are far more likely to win your benefits without the need to go to a hearing.

Call us.  Your evaluation is free.

You will not pay fees unless and until your benefits are awarded.  Call us today at 800-825-7734 to discuss your case.